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Land Managers that Appreciate Requests for Permission


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I got a call today from a park ranger in the Army Corps of Engineers about another person's cache which they needed to pull. He was seeking help to contact the cacher, and I provided it. This was a really neat thing for me as it came about from my efforts to get permission for caches I placed at two other ACE projects. They appreciated the communication and when they had a concern with a cache they didn't over-react and in fact seem to be quite friendly to our sport. Read the whole story at http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000917383&m=7440994635

Sorry, I don't know how to anchor it to the note in question, but it's my second post in that thread.





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Just in case you're still wondering, the easiest way to link directly to a post:

  1. Click the "Reply With Quote" link for the post
  2. Copy the message ID from the end where it says "qm=(number)"
  3. Take the URL for the page, and add "#(number)" to the end of the URL.
So, the direct link to your second post in that thread would be:


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You can also find the qm= number by simply mousing over the quote_reply.gif icon of the message you want. You'll see on the bottom of your browser a URL ending with qm=number.


You can't cut-n-paste (as far as I can tell) but it might be quicker than hitting the reply button.



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