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Wherigofundation website sign in error !

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Hello ,


I try to download a Wherigo cartridge from the wherigofoundation.com site.

I sign in in the wherigofoundation and I have the following screen and I'm redirecting to the geocaching.com site




Complete setup

Geocaching needs permission to share your account information with Wherigo\\Kit.


You can revoke this permission at any time. For additional information on authorizing partner applications, visit our Help Center.

You are signed in as Cyke64. Sign in as a different user.


If I click on the green Agree button I have the following error and I can't download the cartridge :



Response received: {"referenceCode":"PRYQDMD","findCount":0,"hideCount":0,"favoritePoints":0,"username":"Cyke64","membershipLevelId":1,"avatarUrl":"https://www.geocaching.com/images/default_avatar.png","url":"https://coord.info/PRYQDMD","homeCoordinates":null}
at GcApi.Users.Api.GetUser(Token token, String name, UserRequest req) in F:\webshare\Wherigo\Source\GcApi\Users\Api.cs:line 50 at GcApi.Users.Api.GetMe(Token token, UserRequest req) in F:\webshare\Wherigo\Source\GcApi\Users\Api.cs:line 24 at Wherigo.UI.login.gc.OnInit(EventArgs e) in F:\webshare\Wherigo\Source\Wherigo\login\gc.aspx.cs:line 44



What's the problem ?


But no problem to create and save a new Wherigo with the kit online software on https://kit.wherigofoundation.com/Cartridges/ with my geocaching account.


And also no problem to download a Wherigo cartridge on the official Wherigo website.


Thank you.

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Not sure as it was just converting to a string what was passed to it, and I was using the same way to parse the JSON as in Kit.  Well, if you don't mind, let's try it a different way (instead of casting to an object, I changed the code so it would extract from the JSON string if the value existed).  I can log in to the site, but that doesn't mean anything since I was able to log in before.  So try it now.  If you still have an issue, I might need to create a new account on gc.com in order to reproduce your issue.


Oh, and welcome to both geocaching and Wherigo.  It's unusual to see someone without a history on the geocaching side to come over to the Wherigo side.  That doesn't make you any less welcome, mind you.  I hope you'll enjoy.  If there's anything the community or I can help you out with, please feel free to post to the forum (I, uh, haven't been that diligent about checking email lately...).  Your next posts to the forum should be without a delay.  If it's beginner questions, new ideas, questions if something has been tried before, help playing or building, or anything else, please do feel free to ask.  It's a good community here.

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Hello Ranger Fox  , 


You're famous among the Wherigo fans ! 


Yes unusual :-) But I'm first a computer scientist and soon a computer teacher so Wherigo was very interesting for the programming side (Lua language , image , sound , GPS coordinates) and the educational side of exploring the environment with a GPS. 

I love Wherigo. I try geocaching but Wherigo anywhere type only is better and very attractive for keeping the students concentration strong (the pokemon go side :-)

You can create any educational games with this system ( Kit , Urwigo , Webwigo , Lua). 

You have created yourself many interesting POC with the Battleship or Whackey.


What a pity that Groundspeak has droped this product :-( I see so a great potential in this system. I try other system like geolua but too difficult to program for simple user https://geolua.com/



I try many tools for the Wherigo creation but how to access to the "Earwhigo" ? Impossible to get an account to this website. I can't login in because I can't sign up for this website ! I can't get a new password because I have no account yet ! http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/


Earwigo - the Wherigo™ Web Builder
Click here to log in
Click here if you've forgotten your password


PS : Thank you ! It works now. I can download any Wherigo on the Wherigofundation website :-)

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4 hours ago, Cyke64 said:

I try many tools for the Wherigo creation but how to access to the "Earwhigo" ? Impossible to get an account to this website. I can't login in because I can't sign up for this website ! I can't get a new password because I have no account yet http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/


Maybe reading the first post of the Earwigo thread would help?



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