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Where I Go... Where did it go?

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Can anyone explain what happened to the Where I Go cartridge idea that Groundspeak had? With all the Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite alt reality games popping up, it seems like it was ahead of its time. Is there something similar out there or did it migrate somewhere else that I'm unaware of? I know you can still download the builder from the website, but it doesn't look like there's been any form of support for it since 2008ish. Would really love to use something like this.  If anyone has any insights I'd appreciate it.  Thanks! Rascal

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The community has tried to support it, but there’s only so much you can do if the company doesn’t seem to be willing to encourage or support the community. You can mention sites and apps that have a cost or membership fee in a cache listing easier than you can one of the free community apps that keeps Wherigo accessible. Perhaps if Groundspeak would do something—even small—to help the community, momentum might build again. 


(For me, my workplace is enjoying all this unpaid overtime I’ve been putting in, which would have gone into Wherigo. They keep being concerned about my burning myself out...)

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