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Wrong character in trackable Help Center article

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As discovered in this discussion, the wrong type of quotation mark character has been used at the end of the URL in the HTML template in this article:

<img src="http://img.geocaching.com/stats/tb.aspx?guid=##############”>

Notice that a "right double quotation mark" (U+201D / &#8221;) has been used as the second-to-last character, rather than the standard "quotation mark" (U+0022 / &#34;). When copied and pasted into a trackable or cache listing description, this character and the following greater-than character are converted to the encoded "%E2%80%9D%3E" and the intended image isn't displayed because the URL is now incorrect.


Fixing this will be a simple matter of replacing the character with a standard quotation mark in the article.

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