Thanks for mentioning this!  It reminded me to go check if this kind of thing is possible.   See if this is what you want.  I started with this link, but it wasn't matching up with my phone settings.   So I went to Settings - Apps - Waze - Open by default - Opening supported links - Open in this app   That set Waze to open "by default".  I returned to The Official Geocaching App, "navigated by car" to a Geocache, and Waze popped up!  The Geocache within Waze is called "Received Location", and of course sends you to some stopping point along some road, by a range of addresses.  But that's pretty much what Google Maps does.   Some considerations:  I can't buh-leeve it's this easy.  There must be a catch.  I have not tested this new feature at all.  There are extra steps to return to the App (basically, I can drop back to the Home screen, and select Geocaching again, without closing Waze).   Looks like if you add more Geocaches, Waze will append them and build a route.  So that could be pretty cool.  Check it out, and see what can be done about making the waypoints more friendly.  It may be tough to keep track of which cache is which if it's just a street address.   Just now tried messing with Spyglass (replacement compass).  It has "no supported links".  It would be great to also be able to select whatever compass I like.  Now I'm looking at iPhone, to see if I can do something similar with Waze.  
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