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First time Wherigo builder

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Hi, I'm a first time Wherigo cartirdge builder and have some questions


I have built my cartridge in the Wherigo\\kit builder

* Having built my Wherigo Cartridge how or where do I get an unlock code from.  Do I just make it up or is there somewhere to get it from?

* Is it important to provide an unlock code?

* How do I delete an old cartridge from the cartridges I have uploaded



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Unlock codes are generated by Wherigo.com and inserted into the cartridge.  Kit automatically displays the unlock code upon cartridge completion and puts an item with the unlock code in the player's inventory.  You don't have to do anything additional.

In my opinion, unlock codes aren't useful because no one can see who unlocked what, a list of what they unlocked, or unlock stats.  In the last ten years, nothing has been done with cartridge unlocking to encourage it.

There isn't functionality to delete cartridges from Wherigo.com as it hasn't been added.  If you were to request it of Groundspeak, they might either delete the cartridge for you or tell you to ask about it in the forum.


Thanks for enjoying Kit!

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