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[BUG} Trackable code not flushed after no find

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After entering a faulty trackable code in the box on page


Trackable Item Details

I get the error message "Attention!The Travel Bug you requested does not exist in the system."

When I enter a known good TB code, the error continues.

It seems the new code does not over write the original wrong code.

Going back to the main menu Play ->> Trackables

All works well.



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I was going to report the same thing, but noticed this thread.

The problem can be reproduced using keyboard only, but not with pointer (mouse or touch screen). If you enter a valid trackable code to the "Enter the Tracking Code of the Item:" box AND press Enter from the keyboard, the same page is displayed with the URL of the previous tracking code.

If you click on "Track" button with a pointer click, then the page works.

The workaround is to enter the new tracking code directly into the URL (press Ctrl-L, End, edit the code, Enter).

The focus cannot be moved to the "Track" button using TAB key either, so there is definitely something wrong with the form.

Web developers should be forced to use their creations with keyboard only for 30 minutes on a weekly basis ;)

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