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Garmin e-Trex 20x and accessing SD card

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I bought this gps a couple months ago and am still in the "figuring this out" stage.  I have downloaded multiple caches to the unit and some to the sd card to test it.  I'm guessing it worked because the software said it did. I can access the caches I downloaded to the unit, but I can't access those on the card, unless they all show up in the same list.  

Will anyone post the step by step on how to access the caches stored on the sd card for my e-trex 20x?

Thank you!

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Not sure I fully understand your question, but the Garmin devices index the GPX files into a single list when displaying them on the device. You can have multiple GPX files containing caches on both Internal storage and SD card and the Garmin will index all of them together into a single list to display on the device. AFAIK, there is no way to show the items from a single GPX file on a separate list.

As a side note, this indexing occurs when you boot the device, and occasionally a corrupt index is generated which can cause a partial or completely empty list to be displayed even though the GPX files are OK and still  present on the device. It gives a false impression that the caches have been lost or deleted. This issue has been discussed many times in this forum and there are work arounds to recover the list by forcing a reindexing.

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Be sure you have a Garmin subdirectory and below that a GPX subdirectory on your SD card.  Store your .gpx files in the GPX subdirectory.  You should be able to see them.

Also, if you ever have a corrupted .gpx file, it is better to have it on the SD card and not the GPSR itself.

GARMIN/GPX/(your .gpx files)


Peoria Bill :>)



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