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how long does it take to have a cache approved if say it was placed 5 minutes ago


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lets say hypothetically (wink wink) that I placed 2 cache with this detail say 5 minutes ago:Dvd/cd exchange cache contains the following:


Have a very base Christmas cd.

Depeche mode-violator

Jeff foxworthy-you might be a redneck if


Dvd-Collectors choice double feauture of bruce lee-fists of fury and Chinese connection

Dvd-batman returns

Teddy’s traveling dog bug301374



Cd/vhs/pc exchange game contains the following:


The absolute hits cd-matchbox 20 lil’ kim etc.

cd-Classic rock volume1

5 unburned cd-r’s

burned copy of pc game-silver


vhs ……..import movie…(awesome movie) Chow yun fat and danny lee….—killers two (two men 20,000 bullets)

vhs-Patrick swayze city of joy.


and asked that you exchange the same type for the same type only.

and say that the vhs/cd/pcgame cache had coordinates of

45.29.17 122.22.91


and the dvd/cd exchange cache had coordinates of

45.29.17 122.22.82




...do you think there would be a problem with getting this cache approved.


just wondering ..



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