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Well a great time was had by all. Namely just me. Had 3 beers and some good food. Am slightly buzzed right now. Noone came so I just came home. I look forward to spending more time with myself at events in the future. Maybe if I give more notice than 3 hours, more people would show up.

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Oh well.......You have a big event your planning anyway. It will be good to meet some East side geocachers. I think Unicache is as addicted to this game as I am. He is already trying to explain to his wife why he has to wake up at 5 am and leave by 5:30 to go find a box filled with dollar store trinkets in the morning.


We have big bucks out here now too, he is pretty active. It has been good to get some new blood out here as there have just not been that many new cache placements...that has been changing lately.

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The event is made up but yet to be approved. Been 2 days now. It is called The Golden Nipple. A knockoff of the Golden Spike(hopefully nobody minds)I put it in my new Thom's Little Cache. It will be Friday at 7:30 at these coordnates....N 45° 30.012 W 122° 25.915. There is a brewery and a sports bar we can choose from.


There was a young maid from Madras

Who had a magnificent a$$;

Not rounded and pink,

As you probably think---

It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.

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