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[HELP] Magellan - eXplorist GC

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I recently picked up a Magellan Magellan - eXplorist GC.


I'm super excited to be able to finally have a handheld GPS. I think that i'm having some issues with updating the maps and also installing Magellan's app.


I went to http://www.magellangps.com/Store/eXploristSeries/eXplorist-GC


Downloaded, extracted the .zip file Magellan Communicator for Mac. It claims to be a browser plugin however I can't find it using Safari or Chrome. Maybe this isn't supported anymore or maybe it's because my OS X is newer and they haven't updated this yet?


Next I wanted to install the new updated maps. after connecting the GPS via USB to my laptop I received this massage from the maps installer "GPS Device Error!" "Incorrect GPS Device Connected"


How is that possible if I downloaded it from http://www.magellangps.com/Store/eXploristSeries/eXplorist-GC It's a flipping eXplorist GC hmm.....


Anyone have any ideas on what's going on?

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I'm having a problem with mine as well! I have a pc. When I try to download a cache it says GPS not recognized. I've downloaded the software from Magellan too. I bought this because it was supposed to be geocache friendly, but it's not so friendly to me.....

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