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Looking for a 2 day hike/trail in Dartmoor.


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I'll be in the are last 2 weeks of august and am looking for a 2 day hike preferable combined with some nice geocaching. I would love to stay in an Inn or do a BnB halfway the hike (circular then) or use it as a tartingpoint for both days.

T3.5 tops would be nice with the occasional T4-4.5 as I leave my climbing gear at home.

Would like do do a 10 mile walk a day.


Any recommadations?


BTW, sorry for the writing errors, me Dutch.

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Hi, welcome to Dartmoor.


I would suggest two places.


1st, Postbridge. Good pub and B&B near to GC4EMMF, which also leads quickly out onto the moor and you can go as far as you want that way, up the river and back down the other side. Very pretty area.


2nd, Princetown. Choice of B&Bs (Fox Tor cafe well known for catering to walkers). No specific trail for this location, but walk in almost any direction straight onto the moor. Better views than Postbridge, but less water. Some nice history around GCXTY2 at Fox Tor Mire.


From both places it's possible to walk to the North and into the Live Firing ranges - check here for dates. If they're firing that day, don't go past the red and white poles; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dartmoor-firing-programme


Also worth considering: Widdecombe in the Moor. Haytor, Two Bridges - each with B&B and Pub to base yourself from.


Lots of other opinions to be found if you ask this question on the local facebook group; https://www.facebook.com/groups/383438051683191/

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