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Calling all TB's that need a lift West from PHL


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I will be leaving for Portland, BC, and Cali on Aug 5th so if anyone has any TB's in the Philly area and would like me to take them along please let me know. Also, I might as well use this space plug the cache I just placed on Hog Island as a TB hotel (I am just waiting for it to be approved). Either way if Bugs need to move let me know.


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I have a TB that is in a race with a friend to california. It was picked up this weekend for the first time and the people said they were going to take it to PA. I'm not sure where, but if you can find it and move it to Ohio, I'd appreciate it very much. It can only move one state at a time.

If you were going further you can log it into once cache in each state along the way.

It's called WVDan's Fast car.


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