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many stage puzzle multi, can i break it up and keep it one

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many stage puzzle multi, can i break it up and keep it one?


So i have a puzzle multi, with several field puzzles, that are kinda difficult. I had it in a forest all set up with one puzzle leading to the location of the next, and then you had to recall what you had found to unlock the final. The next day kids had already made off with two of them, so I looked for a less kid-ful place. The puzzles are rather difficult, but with many of them I wanted to keep them in one forest, which meant a multi. Now looking at other people have traditionals that call for remembering something written on previous traditionals. So I am wondering what is actually defined as a "waypoint"


I kind of want to make "shrine" with all the field puzzles in one location. With the final right there, but you cant open it without data from offsite finds. (Um each field puzzle would lead you to a different sub final, which would give you data to open the shrine final. In the original forest you had to solve them in order to make any progress, but now I kind of want to make it solvable in any order, so that people can do one or a few and still get some fun out of it, instead of getting stumped at say the second one if it went missing or was too hard, and giving up. Is there a way to do this? Or is the shrine a waypoint for all of them, and thus too close to the field puzzle finals, since they would be together.


I am not sure how to organize this to make it follow the rules. I realize it can be all one multi, but as it is difficult, I wouldnt see anyone making progress, where if they were sub parts, I could see which field puzzles were doable and which were stumbling points. The Shrine field puzzles took weeks to make and are fairly large and i want to keep them all together in one forest, of which there are very few where I live. They wont work in a urban area they will get muggled.




Basically I want to know what a "waypoint" is for series where you go find a box and it has a number on it, then you go do 7 more like that all traditionals. Then on the next one it says "using the numbers from your first 8 finds, you have the coordinates for a new cache." Does that make all the others "waypoints?" I am okay with making the caches you find with the "shrine" puzzles answers more than .1mile but I dont want to count the "shrine as a waypoint, for each one.


I will clarify if need be, I just want to know if it can be done.

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