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A group of us from Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada are planning a trip to the Utah desert this summer. We have no deadly snakes at all here,so we are wondering how bad the snakes may be in the Lund ,Utah area. We would like to do the Lund Higway and the Horse Series in Uath. Any info we can get would be appreciated. thanks. Curt aka (CacheMates2)

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The good thing about our snakes, that can get you, is they buzz first. Watch where you put your feet and hands especially when you get out of the car. Make plenty of noise to let the snakes know you are coming. You could run into them just about anywhere, but be particularly vigilant in rocky areas. I spent a lot of time out in that Lund area years ago, mostly in the winter though so snakes were not an issue. There are some nonvenomous varieties that look similar watch for the flat wide head and buzzing tail. If you encounter one just back away and go around. I hope this helps some.


Thanks for choosing to come to Utah. I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip.

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I live in AZ which has its share of snakes. In 25 years of camping, hiking and caching I rarely encounter snakes. They really don't like humans and try their best to avoid us. The overwhelming majority of snake bites result from humans becoming too curious about then. If you encounter one, step back slowly and let him or her have the right of way. If you want to see them up front, bring binoculars.


Rattlesnakes usually will warn you with a rattle but that is no guarantee.


Never stick your hand in a hole or anyplace you can’t see.


Bring a walking stick as a probe. NEVER use a walking stick to remove a snake. Besides annoying the snake, you are close enough to be struck.


When the sun is up snakes hide in rocks and brushy area to avoid overheating. Besides that it is fun watching humans run around in the blazing sun, with all sorts of electronic gizmos, looking for cheap trinkets.


Google/Bing… Utah snakes for snake info. Visit the park gift shop for snake pocket guides.


Learn to walk away. No cache is worth a snake bite.


Bring a hat, sun screen and water. You are more likely to get heat stroke, sun burn or dehydrated than bit by a snake.


Enjoy Utah

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