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Can this be done?


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It might be better if you could edit your post here to summarize what it is you're requesting.


Honestly, I'm confused by all the confusion over in that other discussion. I have no problem understanding what you're looking for, but it seems I'm alone.


There currently isn't a way to separate the trackables like you want, but I'd support such a change. I wouldn't list it as a high priority change, but it would be nice to have.

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If I understand you correctly, then what you want is the ability for your trackable to be logged only as "discovered" by others (as if in your Collection), but to be logged as "visited" by you (as if in your Inventory).


If I understand you correctly, then I would like the same thing. A lot of people have personal trackable items that visit events/caches (walking sticks, name tags, other gear, dog tags/collars, etc.), but are meant for others to only discover.

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Let me try again to enplane my original question. The following list is a list of TBs that appears on my/default home page. It has 6 TBs listed alphabetically. The 2 that are highlighted in bold are TBs that will be placed in caches in time. Those not marked in bold are my collectible TBs. Three of them are mounted on my cars. It is those TBs that I would like to be able to mark as visited as I go from cache to cache. The ideal would be to have that list separated into 2 alphabetical list within the list titled MY Inventory. If that were the case one could easily find and use the TBs as either Placed or Visited while at a given cache.


Yes a list of 6 items is not a overwhelming obstacle but I often carry more than 2 Placeable TBs and may purchase more collectibles decals.


Even the simple change of marking one type in BOLD would be a great improvement. Linking those TBs that are in the hand of the owner would be a source of such information


1,000 finds Royal Flush 1,000 finds Royal Flush


R Shack R Shack


Soaring Eagle Geocoin Soaring Eagle Geocoin




Travler Puzzle Bug Travler Puzzle Bug


Viola Viola

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