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Guest sewarddude

New York City is a great place for this game and I would love to get it going here. You and I seem to be the only ones at it right now, I would suggest we try and get a cache in each borough, at least one, then we can call some papers and try and get some more coverage. I would like to get the NYTimes guy to write about the game again, and I have some contacts at TV stations too. Wouldn't it be great to have 50 to 100 caches around the city.


I have also placed two caches over the holidays/ One in stamford ct. and the other in Pawling, NY. this listing should have a lot of overlap with the New england crowd, caches in Ct are closer than PA or farther south.


Have a smiley day.


PS almost got your cache last week, will try again soon. my etrex summit should arrive today.

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I saw your post in Ramapo Reservation. I know exactly the area you're talking about. I've hiked to Bear Swamp Lake via the red trail from Rt 202 and I've also mountain biked the Cannonball trail which ends at Bear Swamp Lake (did you see all the old foundations around the lake?)


When the snow thaws, I'll have to find that cache you're talking about...



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Guest cache_ninja


didn"t makE it up To the biG lakE up toP foR that one. itS near the smallEr lakE.

its a ReallY eAsy cache, I maDe it that Way sinCe it Was 1st in NJ. hiDe some yourSelF!!!plEase.

alsO, definatelY checK ouT the "StanleY" cachE in nearbyY sufFern. its 10miN away from the RamaPo reservaTion, anD muCh morE scEnic viEw thaN the One @ ramApo.



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Yeah, once the snow thaws, I think I will put some in the local hideouts like Norvin Green... I'd put some in the Pequannock Watershed, but that's a permit area (I don't have a permit but I'll go there in the winter when nobody cares)


I'll have to see that Stanley cache... I've done alot of hiking in Harrimen and I know the Tourne mtn where you can overlook that whole Rt 17/287 interchange and can see the Mahwah Sheraton there.. It's a nice overlook... I'll check that out, thanx



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finds three, then says


While I have only tested a bit inside NYC, I like the summit, I like the electronic compass. Much more accurate than GPS and works when you are not moving. Unit switches back and forth between formats, Electonic and GPS compass continually updating.



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I stumbled upon this site after reading the blurb in Outside Magazine. My family and I are avid off-roaders and enjoy all outdoor activities. We currently have a GPS III+, but have only used it for route planning on highways. We would like to learn and expand our use of this tool.

If anyone out there is willing to lead/teach/train, we would be happy to follow/learn/experience.

talk to you soon...

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Guest cache_ninja

excellent! we need more people playing in NJ!

there is tons of info on this forum and the url, also be sure to read the FAQ and intro to hiding and seeking a cache etc on the url. also if you go into a particular forum topic ie "getting started", if the bar on the top right says "last 10 days" or whatnot, pull it down so it says "show all topics"..

after you take a look around, send me some mail with any questions..from what you';ve written it seems like you'll have alot of fun geocaching.




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