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TB picked up from cache that was not logged as a find

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I recently had a trip to AK. While there I dropped 2 TB's. One was mine after I took it from home, to europe, and to AK...requesting a photo be taken of the TB with luggage (A geocaching freebie of the wimpy kid series). The other was a coin I picked up in Germany. I WATCH all tb's I place to make sure they are safe and moved on, and have actually performed a few rescues after a time on the local ones.

Here is a question (actually 2).

As soon as I placed these TB's. Someone picked them up. This person did NOT log a cache find, only a pick up of the item. So, I figure they were watching the caches for drops and collects them, not leaving them for others to find. (both were in touristy places, one inside an aquatic visitor center for kids).

In one case, after picking up mine, and logging miles, they report a week later that the cache is vandalized, empty and tb is missing. What? YOU have it, Sir.


In watching these items, they are Still being moved around. Over a month. Logs every day...From AK, and then to UT....what gives? Doesn't he have a job or school? In checking his inventory, he has another which he has been carrying a year now.

I wrote and asked him to please find a safe place to leave mine, and possibly the other, and let someone else have a chance at finding them. For me that is the fun, finding them, not carrying them around.


Before I posted here, I read a 15 year old post about TB's being carried all over, and I see some people like that. Well, here is my thought. READ the GOAL. TB's are meant to be found, usually. Someone said that is a way to know they are safe. Are they? Are these carriers actually carrying these TB's around, or just logging them. (someone said there is an app to do it automatically).


Maybe they are lost?

I have had every tb i released so far go MIA after a very short time. It would be nice to actually see one travel.....from person to person, not mile to mile.

I have actually given up on buying them.


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