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Getting started Question?

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I'm just wondering what constitutes a newbie question? I'm assuming that is what this area is for. I have had a couple of my threads moved. Not that it makes me mad. It just doesn't seem to be clear as to what is and what isn't allowed here? I will make sure to do more research before posting anything here because I've been doing this a month now. I've got it all figured out!! CYA

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I am not a moderator of this forum, but looking at the threads you've started that have been moved...


blooper reel..... doesn't seem like a "getting started" thread to me. Anecdotes about "Geocaching gone wrong" are shared by those who have geocaching experiences, not by those who are just getting started.


And Oregon vs. Montana is about specific GPS devices, so it was moved to the forum for GPS and technology questions. The line seems a bit fuzzier here, because "best GPS for newbie" and "phone app or handheld" threads are left here, but others aren't. I think the difference is whether the thread focuses on general issues for someone choosing/learning their first device/app, or whether the thread focuses on more subtle differences between specific devices/apps.


But again, I am not a moderator of this forum.

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Nor am I. Nor do I want to be! The bloopers reel thread was to lighten the mood a touch for a newbie. Kinda like meeting a new crowd, what better way to feel comfortable than to talk about clumsy moments. That's all. As for the GPS ? There are plenty of the same question different models out there just as you note yourself. It is what it is. For that, it's all good.

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