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Problems with geocaching.com when using Opera Mini

Alma Aurea

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I have a Samsung C3590 phone which uses Opera Mini as a web browser. Until recently I had no issues viewing geocaching.com on it. Then:


- A couple of weeks ago, the log book stopped loading automatically. Instead now I get the option to 'view logbook', but when I click on it, it tells me there are no logs to be found.


- A couple of days ago the search feature on the main page suddenly stopped working. Now, when I type a place name into the box and press the search button, it just clears it and takes me straight back to the main page.


- Today the decrypt hint feature has gone caput and comes up with an error message every time I click on it.


Is anybody else experiencing these problems? Are they to do with changes that have been made to the site recently? They're very annoying as it's making it practically impossible to use the site on my phone anymore :(.

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