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Trackable Race (using Windows and GSAK DBs)

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I have started writing a Trackable Race engine using the 2 GSAK databases, and I am looking for some beta testers.


It is an open source project on Google Code (https://code.google.com/p/geocaching-tb-race/)


The idea is that the 2 GSAK databases contain :

1) All the Trackables ... and their logs, and

2) All the geocaches visited by the trackables.


The Scoring engine will output a file with all missing GC numbers of all the geocaches, which must then be added to GSAK using some available macros.


The Race master (for lack of a better word) can use any of 25 (and growing) rules with some customisation.



RaceRule="TotalDistanceInKilometersRule"           	,  startDate="2014-01-01", endDate="2014-01-31", pointAllocation="  0.02",  reportColumnName="2014-Jan-Distance-In-Km"
RaceRule="TotalDistanceInKilometersRule"           	,  startDate="2014-02-01", endDate="2014-02-28", pointAllocation="  0.04",  reportColumnName="2014-Feb-Distance-In-Km"

So for January all km travelled earns 0.02 points per km, and for February 0.04.


The scoring engine outputs into various formats such as TAB, SCV, and JSON. (at the same time if required)


Anybody interested in assisting in test driving the program?


Some of the other available rules are:










The latest runnable version can be found here:


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