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Can't log in to Wherigo site using IE


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There seems to be an issue with the Wherigo site. We tried to download a cartridge this evening, but it would not let us sign in. We tried on two different computers (both running Windows 7), using Internet Explorer (version 11). Either the link for "Sign In" wouldn't do anything, or if you did get to the sign in page and enter your information, it didn't do anything from there. Finally I tried to access it using FireFox, and that worked.

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This is the current discussion thread regarding the issue. I've mentioned it in an email to Groundspeak around a month ago. Honestly, if they didn't resolve the completion code issue--which is an easier fix in my opinion--I have little faith they'll resolve the browser issue. But, you know, instead of being all negative and mopey about the issue, I think I'll try a different tactic: I'll email someone other than my usual contact and see if that helps.


Besides, it's time to choose a better, more standards-compliant browser.

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Please try in Chrome or Firefox. I cannot reproduce your issue in either of those browsers. If you had recently changed your password, try the old password (or the new one again as perhaps enough time as passed). If that fails, delete the cookies you have for Wherigo.com. If even that fails, you'll have to contact Groundspeak's support email address. Tell them I said not to redirect you back to the forum. I don't like when they do that for issues the forum can't do anything about.

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