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Anybody interested in an Arduino based DIY Geocaching Hardware?

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Hi everybody,


I made a small Arduino based geocache some time ago. I used it to react on beeing hit by a torch beam at night - sending back some morse-code which could be used to calculate the next position of a multicache.


Let's say the Arduino-cache sends back the number "308", you could calculate the next coordinate by something like:


New coordinates: N50° 43.xxx‘ E6° 06.yyy‘


with: xxx = 2 * gz – 246

and: yyy = gz / 2 + 137


You could even send two different groups in different directions, by providing different formulas :-)


Now I plan to redesign the hardware, maybe make a board for the circuitry - if there is some global interest...


You can have a look at the dev-story and the whole thing -> HERE!


Please let me know, what you think...


Cheers - Robert

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That is very cool. B) I have an Arduino. I have been using it to control my Christmas lights, but thinking about some application for Geocaching too. Images of Dr. Who come to mind. But this sounds like a good idea. Like the Morse code portion of the it too. I would be interested in seeing something.

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