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Topo Maps app for iPhone/touch/iPad

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Some friends and I are going to the Mojave Desert next week to do some "geo-art" caches near Edwards AFB. I've been staring at topo maps on my computer (using MacGPS Pro and the free maps from the California Geo-Spatial Atlas), because we're going off-road and I want to understand the terrain as well as possible before we get there. (Yeah, yeah, I'm hoping to find a few benchmarks, too!)


I'm probably going to swing by USGS and get a printout of the relevants quad(s), but I also just downloaded what appears to be a very nifty app for my iPod touch. Of course it also works on iPhones, and there's a separate version available for iPods. It's called simply Topo Maps. Here's its website:


Topo Maps app


It's $7.99 but already looks to be worth every penny. I installed the app, selected and installed two USGS quads, and sent a GPX file from my computer to the app all within about five minutes. (For waypoints, it accepts GPX, KML/KMZ, and CSV files. It also supports multiple coordinate formats.) I'm not surprised that nearly half the 649 people who've reviewed it on the iTunes Store have given it five stars.


Given that benchmark hunters often need topo maps, I thought I'd let other folks here know about this app. I'll post again if I run across any particularly nifty features!

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