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Geocaching 101 Presentation - Cleveland, OH

Team PV

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New cacher, old cacher, interested in caching? Come join us for an overview of Geocaching at Notacon 9 in Cleveland, OH.


I will be presenting at the yearly Notacon event in Cleveland, OH on Saturday, April 14th at 11A with a Q&A session directly following and Geocaching in the local area following that. Admission to the talk & Q&A is COMPLETELY FREE, however, if you would like to attend the rest of the conference, there is an entrance fee.


Also during the event, I will release a new cache in the area and this will be your last chance to find Notacon 8 (GC2T6K4) as I will be archiving it at the end of the conference.


I need to provide a count for the event so please, when you are logging that you will be attending, please note how many people that will include - children are welcome. Upon arrival, you will need to check in at the Registration desk. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here and I will respond publicly or send me a private message.


Overview of event:


NOTACON is an annual event that focuses on people who like to build, make, break and hack stuff. For many, it is a different kind of conference experience, while maintaining some familiar aspects of other hacker conferences. We showcase technologies, philosophy and creativity often overlooked at other events.


Located at:

Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown

1100 Carnegie Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44115


The HGI has daily event parking for $2/car


Background of talk/Geocaching:


Geocaching is a high-tech game of hide & seek wherein those that hide provide coordinates and then those that find sign the log and trade swag. There are over 1.3 million caches present in the world and over 5 million active users on the Geocaching.com website. Using either a GPS or Smart Phone, you have the ability to download caches and set out for a day of fun and likely frustration in trying to find an assortment of caches ranging in size. From no bigger than a fingernail to a full size ammocan and can be made from just about anything with others looking like fence posts or even rocks to blend in with their surroundings but they have one thing in common, a log book.


(I tried listing this as an event cache on GC but they denied it as it was not for Geocachers by Geocachers.)

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