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Cache Idea...Thoughts needed

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A friend of mine and myself were talking about two of our favorite online games, geocaching and Humans vs Zombies. We are looking for a way to combine the two into a pretty unique cache idea.


The caches would be a series of 3 pretty basic geocaches all meeting the basic guidelines building towards a final puzzle cache. However rules for logging each cache will incorporate the rules of humans vs zombies as followed:


Players attempting to find one of the four caches must email me approximately 12 hours before they attempt (less time will be needed on the first day because of FTF's and hopefully an enthusiastic the zombie horde) (it is also recomended that they create an account and join http://www.hvzsource.com/geo1/ too keep track of how many people they tag so I can moderate who is zombie and human as well as notify zombies)


When we are notified an email will go out to all zombies (people who attempted the cache but failed because a zombie player tagged them thus turning them into a zombie or just a volunteer to be zombies) stating the time and cache which humans will be attempting.


Zombies cannot log finds for any of the four caches but can become human again if they get 5 tags and report them (on the HvZ website). (Occasionally the email will state tags of certain human will automatically let zombies become human in order to inspire more gameplay)


Humans can stun zombies as a way to avoid being tagged for 5 minutes by tossing a balled up sock or shooting them with a nerf gun. This will give the humans time to search for the cache without having to worry about being tagged.



These are the working rules for the cache and I am trying to find locations around my hometown. I was wondering is a cache like this likely to get approved. Do you think people will participate in something like this? And do you have any suggestions? (input wanted especially anyone familiar with HvZ) Clearer more complete rules are on http://www.hvzsource.com/geo1/ please let me know if you clearly understand what the rules are especially if unfamiliar with Humans vs Zombies before reading.

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I am totally unfamiliar with the game, and don't understand the game as you have stated it.


I don't think this would get published.

The reason is that they outlawed what they call, ALR's: alternate logging requirements.


that means you can't require anyone to do something to log the cache, besides finding it.

Challenge caches are the exception to this rule, and with a challenge cache you need to do something like find caches on 23 islands to log the WA State Island challenge cache.


Something like requiring your finder to learn rules to another game, and play by the rules of that game, to me, are what they were thinking of when making the rule, "no ALR's". Sorry.


That is a very creative, inventive idea though!!!

Keep up the creative thinking!!!

I'm sure you can come up with some really good ones once to get all the details to the rules worked out!!

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