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I need somebody to adopt a Chicago puzzle cache.

Chi-Town Cacher

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I'm having to take a break from geocaching for about a year or so and I have a geocache that I am looking to turn over to somebody that is willing to care for it. It's a pretty unique puzzle cache and although it has only been found 30 times it has been selected by 7 geocachers as one of their favorites. The cache is located in Chicago near the general area of N. Milwaukee and W. Devon Avenues. If you'd like to check out this geocache CLICK HERE .


If you'd like to adopt this cache I'd be willing to show you the specifics of how it is run and answer any questions you may have. I realize that the cache description is way too wordy and could use some serious tweaking and that the cache itself could maybe use a better hiding spot and as the new cache owner of course you would be welcome to make any changes you see fit. If I can't find somebody to adopt this geocache (I'm pretty much a loner so I don't know any geocachers here in Chicago)then I'll have to archive it. Based on the positive reviews from the people who've found it and on a favorable review of it on the Chicago Geocaching Podcast I think it would be a shame if I had to archive this cache.


If you'd like to adopt this cache and are able to perform maintenance on it if needed please contact me. You can reach me by clicking on my user name and when my profile pops up click the link to send me an E-Mail (sorry I'm an old fart and don't do IM's so please send an E-Mail message and not an IM on this forum site). Please make sure before you send the message to me that you click the box to include your E-Mail address with your message so it will be easier to contact you. Happy caching!!!!

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