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"permanently archive" your log?

Kite and Hawkeye
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After seven or eight months of caching, I finally read the confirmation screen that comes up when you enter a log. To quote:

"You can now visit the cache page and review your log. There will be several options for you if you decide to edit your log, encrypt it, or upload images to it. You can also permanently archive your log."


Um, you can't archive a log. You can delete it, which has different implications from 'archive' (you lose your credit, if it was a find, there's no way to read it again, as there is with an 'archived' cache, etc.) Is this not correct?


I was wondering why someone in another forum asked recently how to 'archive' his log, and got a bunch of responses saying, "you can't, but you can delete it." Is this language left over from an earlier incarnation of the site? Does it mean something I don't understand?

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