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Garmin GPSmap 62s bug in 3.60 Cache Type Icon

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I just sent this over to Garmin support by e-mail but was curious to see if anyone else here has noticed this problem with the new firmwares 3.50 and 3.60 with the "Advanced Geocaching" features. This was bugging me enough that I finally sat down to go through every option one by one when I discovered the stock profiles worked correctly:


I have discovered a bug the 3.60 software, which I believe was also present in 3.50 with the new Geocaching support (including OpenCaching.com)


In some instances, when viewing the description of a geocache, the cache type icon in the top left corner will show only a generic icon, not the expected icon. i.e. a green lidded container for a geocaching.com traditional. If one goes to the geocaching setup and changes the Geocaches 'Appearance' setting from Traditional to Auto, or vice versa, the correct icons will show until the unit is power cycled.


I discovered that the unit behaved correctly when I went back to the original factory 'Recreational' Profile and began to change one setting at a time to my preference, rebooting the device as I went to see when the problem came up...


Here's what I found. It seems that if anything other than 'Map' is the first item in the Page Sequence, this issue occurs, and it can be reproduced every time when looking at a geocache description after a power cycle. If I have the map first in the list, it does not occur.


Here are some screenshots of what the 'mystery' icons look like:



The first screen is the 'mystery' icon. After going through the Geocache Appearance menus in 2, the third and fourth screens show what I would expect to see. However after a reboot, it goes back to the first screen - UNLESS the map is the first option in the page list.

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