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A Crazy Start

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I had never heard of geocaching until 3 days ago. I was talking to a friend and they told me what they were doing so I started to google it and came across this site and overnight I was hooked. The next day at work I was discussing it with a coworker and she was a geocacher so after work we hopped into a car and went out on the hunt. It was my first night of searching and I was so excited! We were bundled up in the cold with our flashlights when the police pulled up.


"Are you two doing ok?" the officer asked. My friend started to explain but the officer stopped her because he already knew all about it. He wished us luck and drove off. Does this happen often? I wouldn't be surprise. Especially if we continue to search at night.


The next day I was looking around at our local movie theater with my dad when the owner of the theater walked out into the parking lot and said, "Are you two looking for that magnet thing?" Haha. He told us that a lot of people have been searching and so he knew exactly where it was. After that he told us that there was a news crew inside doing a story on the theater. The building had been damaged by hurricane Irene and has been closed for a while. He said the newswoman wanted to interview locals to see how people felt about not having a theater so we told him we would do it!


Only 2 days in with my geocaching and the police and the news have been involved! this rocks! :)

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