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I think you already have that. If you look to the left of the title of the post ones you have not read will have a little yellow notepad, those you have read will be white. But I think it uses cookies to keep track of but that I am not really sure about. That is also true out on the list of forums the little graphic is different if there are new posts or not.

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The yellow note pad (and the My Space notify page) work only from your last log in. If there was 100 new posts and you read only 10, it'll have all 100 marked as old if you log out, then log in.


This is less than optimal, but seems to be part of the ubbx software. A much better model is the one used by the WELL . You can't really see how usable their conference software is until you have an account, which costs $10 a month. I've used forum software since the early 80s, and even wrote my own BBS. Nothing comes close to the WELL. The conferencing software is called WELL Engaged and is available from Prospero, I believe. Don't know much about it's street-readiness other than what I've seen on the WELL.


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