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My GPS Magellan Explorist GC GPS Cord Don't Match Google Maps

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I received this reply:




Thank you for contacting Magellan Technical Support. Our sincere apology for the delay in responding your email.


Basically, Google maps or earth is set on a specific map datum. Map Datum is the information that translates these positions indicated on the GPS units to their real position on earth. You can set the Explorist GC's map datum with the same map datum Google maps uses so that you can get a closer match in coordinates of locations of geocaches or waypoints.


1. Access the Tools menu and select ‘Settings’.

2. Highlight ‘Navigation’ and press ENTER.

3. Highlight the ‘Map Datum’ field and press ENTER.

4. Use the joystick (L/R) to step through the various map datums.

5. Highlight the desired map datum and press ENTER.

6. Press BACK.


Also, since the Explorist GC continuously calculates your current position and with its 3 – 5 meter accuracy. It may not always indicate the exact coordinates the same in google maps or earth but it should provide a very close and accurate representation of the proximity.


We do hope that the provided information somehow address your concern. Should you require further assistance about this or any other concerns with your Magellan unit please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help knowledge base (www.magellangps.com).


Yours truly,

Alvin (AM20131)

Magellan Technical Support




So, how does this work since GeoCaching APP uses Google Maps correct?



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