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Pairing down the Collection


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I've been collecting rather heavily for the last two years and I have come to the point that most of seem to get to. Its time to pair the collection down a bit. All coins listed here are unactivated. Shipping is $1.75 for the first coin and .50 for each additional coin for the US. International shipping will have to be determined according to country and weight (one coin should not exceed $4.00). Any questions about the coins would be welcome and I do have photos of most if not all the coins listed. Emails only and coins are first come first sale. Thanks Much for looking



Happy Easter 2009 Egg Caboose

2011 Mini Doubloon – Bloody Doubloon



Enduring Love Antique Silver

Masters of the Cache II – Antique Gold

GCC February 2011 Ptolemy w/pathtag

Le Chat Rampant – Autumn Leaves

FTF v3 Antique Gold

Le Chat Rampant – Tiger Moth

Davy Jones Locker – Golden Dawn (antique Gold)

DNF Micro Glow – Nickel

GC&P July 2010 Take a Bite out of Caching



GC&P January 2011 Winged Disc

2010 Compass Rose – Pico

Tien Jaar Geocaching Netherlands – Antique Silver

GCC June 2010 Cache Hard or Die

Hunting Caches Nickel

GC&P Crop Circles w/Matching Pin

GCC October 2010 – Happy Samhain w/Pathtag

Blue Crab – Crab Nebula II w/Matching Pin



Yemon Yime V2 Nickel

Yemon Yime v2 Gold

Yemon Yime v2 Antique Bronze

Klingon Tracking Device – Nickel

Butterfly 2011 – Geowoodstock Version

Venetian Mask (Mardi Gras) – Summer Solstice

Venetian Mask (Mardi Gras) – California (Vanelle)

Water Otter – Emerald Deeps

GCC June 2010 Cache Hard or Die SE (two tone)



Spacegate Antique Bronze

Spacegate Antique Silver

Celtic Turtle – Green/Satin Gold

Pirates of the Harriman V – Antique Copper w/Red Gem

Maine 10 years of Geocaching (suncatcher)

Celtic Tree of Life – Two Tone Gold on Silver

Celtic Tree of Life – Two Tone Silver on Gold



Celtic Tree of Life – Antique Silver

Celtic Peacock 2008 – LE Antique Silver

Area 51 UFO geocoin - Silver #43/71

Area 51 UFO geocoin - 2 Tone - Silver/Gold spinning ring #43/71

Area 51 UFO geocoin - 3 tone - Black Nickel&Silver/Gold spinning ring Samp #15/21

Area 51 UFO geocoin - 2 tone - Black Nickel/Copper spinning ring Samp #15/21

Cache Wars w/8 tags - Antique Silver

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