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Is there a setting or a way to have any new post be sent to your email? I know you can tag a discussion, but I was wondering if there was any way to have ANY new post sent. So often when I return to check messages it seems the same ones I have already read are still marked as new. It takes a lot of time to find the actual new posts.


I guess I am too used to having subscribed to so many email discussion lists.

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You can't have every post e-mailed to you, but you can use the Pop-It feature on a particular forum, not just a topic within a forum. So you could target the major forums: General, Getting Started, Geocaching.com Discussion, etc...


Keep in mind however that this might overwhelm your e-mail. These forums generate over 400 posts a day, and those posts get e-mailed as a sizable HTML document. You might want to start out with just one or two forums to see what kind of volume you can expect and then add more forums slowly.


Also experiment with the My-Pop page. You can specify the My-Pop page in addition to or instead of immediate e-mail notifications. This might be a more manageable way to handle all the new messages instead of e-mail.



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