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Problem with TB Maps...


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I have several travel bugs, all but one of which are properly tracking their progress using the bug maps. One, however, repeatedly fails when drawing the map. I have not received any response through normal email support, so I thought I'd try posting the information on the forum instead.


As an example, this first travel bug displays the map correctly, so does the second. However this third bug gives an error.


What gives? Can I get some help here?!

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I'm no expert on these things. If it were mine, I'd play play with the things that are different. Things like having never been in the hands of another or having never been retrieved from a cache. Search the forums for discussions about others who have used a TB as a personal track-mapper for their caching travels, see if they have had troubles. Maybe try changing things in the map link url. Good luck.



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I looked at the pages for all your bugs to find the reference number for the problem one, and, like you wrote, they generate maps, except one. Like Tower247 wrote, one thing that is odd about your GeoRocks! (TB456A) TB is that you keep placing it but never grab it.


For other personal tracking bugs that I have seen, the owner grabs theirs then places it. Of course, regular bugs "always" get that in/out treatment.


i.e., How can you place it if you don't grab it?

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