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Website features I would definitely pay for. :)


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Just my thought du jour...


A feature cool enough to make ME wanna pay for membership would be a sophisticated cache-rating system that cachers can click on when the log a cache. One would rate each aspect perhaps from 1-10.


Paid members can then see the resulting averaged results on the Search Results page, while non-paid folks cannot. The ratings would go something like this:


- Handicap Accessibility:

...1: Only for the most athletic let's-run-with-the-mountain-goats folks. Never mind.

...2: It's ok for the soft-in-the-middle folks who can handle at least a half-mile walk or a relatively short hill.

...4: For those who only occasionally need a cane, and might not need to fear a little terrain.

...5: Folks who need a cane all the time, terrain choice is iffy.

...7: Two canes or walker.

...8: Wheelchair folks can seek this cache with a helper

...10: 100% wheelchair-compatible; you can wheel to this one on your own


- Location Uniqueness and Beauty

...1: Equivalent to being in the middle of a stinking landfill

...3: Not great, but not completely annoying either

...5: Average. You see this kind of place everywhere.

...6: Hmmm... THAT's rather interesting...

...8: Definitely one very cool and unique place worth visiting.

...10: This place is breathtakingly AMAZING!! GO THERE!!!


I'll post more ideas along these lines are I think of them. icon_biggrin.gif


-Elana (a.k.a. "Sparrowhawk")

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Interesting idea about rating qualities... I'm not going to voice an opinion on it right now, though, other than to note that having "accessibility" scale as the inverse of terrain may not be the best for usability. If harder is higher-valued in both terrain and difficulty, adding in something where harder is lower-valued would be counter-intuitive.


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