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Can I upload KML and KMZ files to Garmin Oregon 550T

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When you connect your 550 to your computer. You should see a screen with the files (ie-Wherigo,GARMIN). Click on the GARMIN folder, then you should see CUSTOMS MAP folder. Then on the GOOGLE EARTH page, right click on the map you want to save, and then place it in the folder CUSTOMS MAP on your 550.

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The CustomMaps folder is normally located as <drive:>\Garmin\CustomMaps. Where <drive:> is either the unit's memory or an optional flash card in the unit. However, I don't think a kmz file with waypoints is going to work in the custom maps folder. The custom maps folder is for kmz files of raster maps.


This thread convert kmz should help.


You are right. It won't save waypoints along with the map. The way I am giving is just for the map omly. You would have to save the waypoints in another file (GPX or WAYPOINTS).

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If you are not using GE to find the location, your best bet is to enter the cords into MapSource or Base Camp as Waypoints and then send them to your GPS.


If you are marking places in GE, you have to save the waypoints as a kml and then use gpsbabel (gpsbable?) to convert to mapsource. Then open in MapSource and send to GPS.

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