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Recently up graded my membership and now enjoy the download option. Like all my other hobbies I have several devices dedicated to the sport of geo caching. I can download caches to my Garmin etrex devices with no trouble. However when I try to download to my Magellan 315 it's always unsuccessful. I installed the Magellan software for PC but no success. Anybody have any ideas?

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Out of curiosity about older units I purchased a 315 from Ebay. If you use GSAK, there is a GPS selection for the 315 to use when sending GPS waypoints. I can't remember if the limit is 200, 500 or 1,000 caches. The biggest issue is properly setting up a serial port. Just make sure that all the Baud rates are the same and you pick an available Com port. If you are going to collect various GPS's, then the small investment in GSAK will play off as it works on almost all GPS's. Plus if you use the .gpx format instead of .loc you'll have a lot more info available from the GPS.

Hope this helps...Peoria Bill :)

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The 315 supports 200, IIRC; that's the basis for the "200 waypoint comments" that survived through the 330, through Meridian, and into Explorist 400/500/600 era.


GPSBabel supports the 315. I don't have one in the lab for testing, but the Magellan serial code hasn't been touched in any non-trivial way in a long time, so I don't suspect it's suffering from decay. I'm pretty sure their later software like Vantage Point doesn't talk to these models at all.

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