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Summer Camp Looking for GPS Units

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To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing to you on behalf of Fair Haven Camps. Fair Haven Camps is a summer camp located in Brooks, ME where strive to have a camp program where boys and girls from all over New England can come to experience life to the fullest, make lasting memories and find answers to some of life’s questions. Fair Haven Camps is non-profit organization with the goal of providing each camper with a summer camp experience at the lowest cost possible. To do this, we rely heavily on monetary donations as well as donated items. We are currently seeking donations of 12 identical GPS units to use during our summer and off-season camp programs. Our goal is to teach children to geocache by setting up caches here at our camp. We hope that this will lead to children going home and introducing geocaching to their families and encourage families to spend time together outdoors. We don't need the newest and greatest, but would like identical units to help minimize instruction time.


All donations are tax deductible. If you are interesting in helping us meet our needs, please contact Fair Haven Camps at (207) 722-3456. Any donations will be published in our quarterly newsletter. Thank you.




Jon Hill

Marketing Director - Fair Haven Camps

(207) 722-3456


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We help with geocaching at several local camps run by Palmetto

Childrens Hospital. Magellans donated 6 units to us several years ago. We're thankful for them, but they don't have PC connection ability. We enter coords in them manually. So anybody who wants to help should remember to consider donating GPS units that can be uploaded to.


We're still using the GPS units which are very basic, non-color, non-mapping units. The best units for kids at camp are the most basic GPS units that can do GoTo.


Consider contacting GPS manufacturers. Magellan came through for the kids at our camps with their donation.


- Travis, ie T of TandS

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