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Return to Sender - a fix

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i'm new to this geocaching stuff but it would seem that a Save The Bug Foundation needs to be started.

Before I let my kids out on their own I teach them how to find their way back. Then.... I set them free. Our TB's should be the same.


If I lose my car key's or work ID badge they can find their way home. How you ask..... My grocery store club card/key fob has an address on it that guarantees postage if someone drops it in the mail. The same with my ID card from work.

If the TB adds a mail to address on the dog tag all a disenchanted 'cacher has to do is drop their found TB in the mail. It finds it's way back to someone who will care for it. There will always be MIA's that never make it back but making it easier to get TB's back in circulation is what's needed.


Yes there would be a cost to it but a "save the Bug" fund could be created (I'd donate $'s) or a portion of the TB cost could be used to assure return postage. Of course this won't help existing MIA's... We live and learn....


Enough whining Lets fix it

mr.bill --- oh noooo....


PS. if your woried about attached items going through the mail take a look at "return to sender" from WIRED magazine. Our postal service can handle all types of un-boxed items!!!


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