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New eXplorist Range


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Looking at the specs, they look like an interesting GPS series. While I like the idea of all-in-one products, I'm rather suspicious of the reliability of such gadgets when there are so many things that can go wrong.


The bottom line for me, however, is that I'm one of those old, bitter Magellan users who still carry a chip on my shoulder about the way customer service went from the top to the bottom about the time the original Explorist line was introduced. I used to say I would never get another Magellan; I've modified it slightly to when the hot place freezes over.

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Do not forget about, that Turn-by-Turn is for the U.S. only.

The eXplorist 710 dont come to Australia, Europe or even up to Canada.

So you can cancel this feature from your list.


For me it looks like a good handheld device and some public beta tests are already made by the people who bought an eXplorist GC, cause most software-parts are quite the same.


I am sure to get my personal eX 610 for Europe as soon as i can find one. Otherwise i take one from the u.s. for a descent price in U.S.-Dollar instead of Euro. Buying from the americans is much cheaper for me, in Europe, Magellans are mostly 30% more expensive here.


If this really is a good unit, i will see then later.

If not, i dont care much about. I will post a review in germany and kick the little brick up on ebay.

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