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Inline image on Travel Bug page

Guest martinp13
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Guest martinp13

I want to add an inline image on my TB page, not an image link at the bottom of the page. How do you do that? I've seen it done, but viewing page source doesn't help. icon_frown.gif


If it just involves adding a HTML tag, how/where do you upload the pic that's gonna be shown?


Thanks gang!



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You have to upload at least one image to the travel bug page. Once you have done this, go in to edit your bug's page. You will see a new option to choose one of the uploaded images to be the main image. Once you select this, it will automatically show up in the gallery, plus it will be the inline image you seek.

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It only works with JPG images. Due to the nature of GIF files (and the fact that there's some sort of issue with licensing), you can only use JPG. It's ok though - since photos come out better as a JPG anyway.



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Guest ESFKids

Hey Jeremy and all... I am having a bit of trouble doing the inline image. I uploaded a picture of my bug, edited the page so it was the main image, and now it's just not showing up. The original image was well under 100k, there are no spaces or weird characters in the name, and as far as I know I did it correctly. But obviously there is still a problem. Little help? Thanks for your time...



Dave http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=583

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