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Who has the Bug?

Guest jpjazz
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I have visited three locations over the last week where it indicated that a bug had been seen. In each case the bug was gone [ icon_frown.gif], however there was no log in the cache or on the site that it had been relocated.


This has frustrated [ icon_frown.gif!] me in the past with travelers, as it seems that the finders are taking the item and failing to update the log accordingly.


Any thoughts on this issue? [?]

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Guest mikemtn

I guess some Cachers never log finds and some do sometimes. It would be nice if everybody understood the importance of keeping Travel Bugs logged. I had one that got retrieved and it was 12 days before it got logged. Another one didn't get logged till It made it to It's 2nd Cache. Maybe if Jeremy put in the Travel Bug instructions the importance of logging them it would help. I guess It's not a big enough issue to try to make It a cast in stone rule. It would need to say something like "If You're not going to log It, don't take it." I can see where the TB's are a little complicated for non computer types (like myself).



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Guest Choberiba

Originally posted by mikemtn:

I can see where the TB's are a little complicated for non computer types (like myself). Mike


I'm not so generous.


Not everyone owns a computer, but if they can manage to get the site info (Through Kinko's or what-not) They can take a few extra seconds and log the TB post find.


It's not hard, and it doesn't take long.

This forum was established to answer any questions that might arise.


If someone is confused, all they need do is ask.

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Guest Rootbeer

Originally posted by mikemtn:

"If You're not going to log It, don't take it."


Agreed. If you decide to visit a cache or take a Travel Bug, you're morally obliged to play by the rules, and that includes doing the logging.


But there will always be a few people who are unclear on the concept, so let's gently guide them to do things the right way.

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One big problem that I see when this happens is that the owner of the cache the bug was last located in is now stuck with the bug icon on their cache.


If this happened to a cache of mine, after giving whoever took the bug a few days to log it, I'd email the bug's owner and ask them to do an info log on my cache and indicate that they retrieved it so that the icon would leave.


If that didn't work, I'd ask Jeremy et al. to remove it from my cache.



Team CacheCows of Wisconsin

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It seems such a simple process to log the find?


However if this is a trend I am inclined to ignore the search for bugs, especially if I have already logged the location. If I come across one fine, otherwise there are so many caches around I will continue to proceed with new searches..

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Guest AlienPuppy

t. And they've had it for about 3 weeks now... I'm going to mail the cacher and the bug owner.


Maybe people don't realize the bugs are hitchhikers? The bug tag doesn't actually clearly say you should pass it along. Someone may pick it up, and never bother to go the Groundspeak homepage.


I think I'll add the urgency of logging the bug's page on my notecard I'm attaching to my bug(s). I suggest other do the same.



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Guest JSB-1958

One of my TB's has been missing in action for almost two weeks now. I am wondering at what point I should consider him permanently gone. Anyone have a suggestion for a length of time to use?

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It might be a good idea if the bug finder would email the bug owner within a week? Would this be reasonable? I realize that some people do not have email access as a result of travel. What are some thoughts?

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I went to one of my caches recently to do a little maintenance, and found that a TB that I had placed there had been grabbed. The cache log book indicated that this had happened 6 days prior to my visit, and it had not yet been logged on the GeoCaching site. From his log at the cache, I was able to figure out who he was (an experienced cacher in our area with a lot of logs), and I wrote him a friendly reminder. He logged it the next day, and I sent him a thank-you note. It wouldn't have been that easy had I not been able to figure out who he was, or if I hadn't visited the cache and noticed the missing TB. Maybe he would have gotten around to it anyway, or was out of town, or was busy cache hunting, or ...






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I don't know if I am doing this right so help me out....The family and I just did our second geocache and it had a couple of bugs.We didn't want a bug but our kids brought a couple of big items along to trade and we could not fit one of the big bugs back in the box. So now we have a bug [:P].

We rushed home and logged the bug we brought back and started searching for a cache we could drop him at next weekend. After doing all this we decide it would be neat to see what happens to the other bug that was in the cache we had just visited. So we enter it's number and click the found it button.Then we click the make a note (not the I have it) and the Notify us if this bug moves box. We right a little note and click the send button. Now it says I have this bug [ icon_frown.gif].....So how do you track a bug you have seen in a cache without it saying you have it.... Thanks The wild bunch

p.s. how do i get rid of the bug so it show it is still in the cache as this cache no longer has a bug symbol next to it...

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Log the cache you "retrieved" it from. Indicate you dropped it off. Return to the travel bug page and delete your log entries.


If you want to watch the bug, click on the link that says "watch this travel bug" (or something similar) on that bug's page. Sounds like you clicked on "log this travel bug" instead of watch.



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I am having trouble getting our travel bug log up to speed. http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=467


Here's the scoop:

fearthejeep picked it up from our Garvin Gawk cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=9111 on November 11th.


S/he placed it in Wilderness Park http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=4502 on November 25.


I emailed fearthejeep, and they attempted to fix it, but it still isn't right.


So as it is right now, the little bug icon is showing up on neither of these caches, and it should be on butcho's Wilderness Park cache. (Which is kind of weird anyway, because shouldn't it still at least be showing up as being in the Garvin cache since it was never logged??)


I'd really like to get this straightened out before the bug takes off again, and I'm at my wits end. Does anybody know how I can fix this?


Thanks in advance,


Geocaching In Minnesota


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Guest IBcrashen

Bk11 do the following. I cant cause I dont have the bug number. go to the bugs page and log that you have it. Then log in the Wilderness Park cache and leave the bug. then after that just delete your log from the Wilderness park Cache and your bugs page, it will still show up as being there. Just did it to one of my own after someone had it for 3 weeks and they gave it to another geocacher to place someplace else and didnt log it correct. Now if my Zobo bug would show up after someone took it from the cache it was in. icon_frown.gif


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Originally posted by jpjazz:

[however there was no log in the cache or on the site that it had been relocated.


Any thoughts on this issue? [?][/b]


i think part of the problem is that ppl dont seem to understand, to log a tb you need to first set it as retrived, then go and set it as placed for the system to register the move. and to do both you need the numbers stamped on the bug.

if your an implusive cacher you might go out geocaching, find a tb and drop it in the very next cache you find that day. so when you finally get home you dont have the ident. number to do the retrive/place logs.


i had this happen to me once, i had no way of loggin that i had ever had the bug. but i went to the cache pages and made a note that i have taken the bug. then i emailed the tb owner, im glad i had been watching that bug since it came within range, otherwise i dont know how i would have found the contact info. for the owner.

the owner emailed me back the track number and i was able to log the find and move.

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Guest kablooey

I think the whole TB concept is still confusing to newbies. I'm not sure what to do to make it better without putting better instructions on the metal tag. Still, it's a simple enough matter to email short instructions to somebody who's logged a find but not logged the TB.

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Originally posted by kablooey:

I think the whole TB concept is still confusing to newbies. I'm not sure what to do to make it better without putting better instructions on the metal tag. Still, it's a simple enough matter to email short instructions to somebody who's logged a find but not logged the TB.

ya, but thats assuming you know which newbie to email, or that they are willing to ask for help

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