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450 Oregon

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I am so stumped. Just purchased a wonderful Oregon 450 from here and wanted to webupdate it but it says "No Device Found. You may also need to set the inferface option on your GPS to Garmin host." It is on USB and is on Garmin. Then I put in batteries NIMH and now it goes off when I turn it on. I want to cache with my new toy and need help understanding why it is doing this. I got it last week from a poster on here and it was working so I went and got NIMH batteries - turns off. Is it something I accidentally set it to was wrong, I do not know. Can someone email me and help me. It won't let me download caches from geocaching.com as it won't recognize it. Thanx - I am nucacher wanting to become experienced cacher but will wait for someone to advise. I can be reached at paz1026@sbcglobal.net. - Frustrated Nucacher wanting to cache with new toy this weekend.

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Also be sure to go into Settings, Battery Type and choose NIMH. I had the same issue and the Oregon was looking for the wrong batteries. So it would shut down. You have to do it quickly though! I've had better luck with higher capacity NIMH (1800 or above). My 1600 mAh batteries last about two hours.

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I just had an Oregon 550t 3 days ago. I already love it - it has so many features. But I have also experienced problems with the connection to the computer - it can´t find the Oregon. But - if I disconnect it and connect it again it helps - then the computer can find the Oregon. 3Roser, Denmark

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