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ground zero


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I am going to release a fireman travel bug and it's destination is ground zero and back home. My question is, if it ever reaches ground zero how would people know it's completed it's mission and is on it's return trip home? Would I do this on the travel bug page or what? I mean once someone places it in a cache on the way back from zero how will I let the next person to get it know it's on it's way home and prevent them from returning it to zero again? Does this make sense?

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you could have some kind of marker like a string or tag or ribbon and just have the person who takes it to GZ remove the marker and spell all this out real clear for the slow folks and you should be good to go. never tryed it but it ought to work.

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Hey thanks alot for the help, the ribbon thing is sort of what "m planning to do. I thought I would place two cards on the bug with the two goals of going and coming back, then once the last person took it to ground zero then they could remove the the tag with that goal on it. Thanks again!

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