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Four Elements Micro


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That would most probably be Cache Addict since he did the Four Elements series.

However its not his style to have an icon before the sale of 250 coins. And the icons have an other design then the normal sized coin icons.

Conclusion: You and I don't know B)

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it is not unusual for a trackable item to show up on this list long before it is available


for example, someone may get their design approved, buy a group of codes, submit the name (and possibly icon), and then send the codes off to the factory to have them put on the trackables being made


there could be days, weeks, or even months between when the above takes place and when the items are actually made, shipped to the person who paid for them, and then made available


also, these could be personal coins

or made by a group for distribution at an event only

which is to say, they may never be generally available for sale


if they do in fact become available for sale to the general public, they may well be announced in this forum topic when that happens - keep an eye out


you could do a search from time to time, using all or part of the item name assigned by GC.com

people often activate their items and retain the default name

once one or more pop up, you could e-mail the owner(s) and ask where they got it/them

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