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Problem with save function in urwigo

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I have built my first cart, it runs fine. It contains 22 zones (2 zones active at any one time).

I have used urwigo as the dev environment.


I did a field test this morning and all was well until about 5 minutes from the end of a 2 hour stroll.

Now I don't want any technical hitch to affect people's enjoyment of this cart, so I decided to try to save the cart at regular intervals (on exit).

I tried this earlier in the development of the cart as you get poisoned and only have 20 minutes to find a cure.

Rather than the person having wasted their time I was going to give them a second chance, but this crashed the cart with a C stack overflow.

Same happened this time, no matter where I place the save command it kills the cart in the emulator.


I have built a small 6 zone (2 zones active at any one time) and this one works fine.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this as it is stopping me publishing the cart?


Thanks in advance.

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I dont know if I understand your problem exactly. Anyway saving cartridge autamatically is not very good idea. Specialy saving cartridge when some timers are running is not clever idea and can crash some devices.


I recommend to implement saving Item. It is item called for example Saver with one action on it - Save. When player clicked this action, cartridge will be saved.


Feel free to contact me via PM if you have some Urwigo related problems.

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