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How do you find out where and if a benchmark will be placed?

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A lot of the recent benchmarks around here are in bridge abutments for roads and rr tracks. There's a new bridge being built across a river not far from me and I wonder if there will be a new benchmark placed in it. According to the database there's an old benchmark not too far from one end of the bridge, but it hasn't been found in many years (like 60). It would be neat to get pics of a brand spankin' new survey marker.


Who would know if one will be placed? Probably not the construction workers building the bridge. I don't know of any local NGS personnel to ask.


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Interesting question… I know of several where road construction is underway and the described locations have been disturbed already (assume the markers are gone). I was wondering if they would be replaced. Also, a new bridge is being constructed, however, construction was stopped because the abutment settled 2 inches since December according to routine survey follow-up. I assume they measure to a fixed point (not necessarily a benchmark) on the structure.


It also seems I have read several posts indicating that the listings on the Geocaching Benchmark site are from somewhat old (2 years) CDs. Are new entries from the NGS being added at this point?

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If a new benchmark is set it would not be by NGS, since they no longer have funding to create new points on an extensive basis. Along state or interstate highways the state probably will set something. Along county roads or city streets it is less likely, but you would have to inquire with the surveyor on site, which could be difficult since non-construction personnel are not allowed in the work zone, so you would probably have to try to catch him as he was arriving or leaving.

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