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Explorist 500 No basemap error

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My Explorist 500LE froze up today. Got a No Basemap then it freezes and I can't even shut it off. Had to pull battery. Called Magellan and got a "We will offer you a $4 dollar discount towards a new Triton 400". You read it correctly a wopping $4 dollar discount. They seam to be running a sales generating approach to resolving customer issues. This turns out to be a known problem. Very dissapointed in Magellans customer service and tech support. I guess the only good thing is this was my back up unit I let my son use when we go geocaching. I rely on a Garmin when it come to my search and rescue work. Go Garmin Boo Magellan.

I did manage to fix it after many hours of searching the net. Only one post deep into the search pages did I find it. Don't know how long the workaround will last. Not all units can be saved. Some are reduced to paper weights from what I was finding in my search efforts. I don't give up very easily. If you have an older unit like mine you won't get much help from Magellan if you get this error. :rolleyes:

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Sure would. Just to stop people from buying a new.

Here is what I found after such a long search onlin.

Got these from fixit.


Answer#2 is the one I used and it worked. My memory was full although I could not see the map in file transfer mode. Don't know why. It is probly part of the problem with the issue with these units. I could not get past the error screen or even turn it off unless I attached it to the computer and then use power only option. Then I could access the menu screen. That is where you need to be to get Answer#2 to work. Answer#1 (which i did not try) bypass this I think.


Good luck to all.


Answer#1:With you 500 turned off press nav + power; then change the numbers 00 in 95 by using the joystick and and then press the joystick itself; accept what proposed.

after turning the gps on again and pressing enter the NAND will be configured and your gps will become in order again. if necessary, in usb file transfer mode, reload the basemap in the directory background maps


Answer#2:If you have the software available to you to upload, I'm guessing version 5.2.03?? Then you could clear all the flash memory and reload your firmware version. (Do this only if you HAVE the firmware available to re-load) Once powered on, go to the menu screen and toggle your stiff stick left right left right left right, until a box appears in the middle of the screen. Change the "00" to read "95". Press the stiff stick in and it will ask you to confirm your choice. Confirm. The next time you power on your gps it will ask you to configure NAND flash. press enter (stiff stick pressed in) and it will do it's configuring. Power off (press zoom in key and zoom out key and power on/off button at the same time) Once powered off, plug into usb, power back on and it should recognize your device now. Re-load the firmware version and your all set. Except you lose all of the tracks that you previously made. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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