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Garmin CSx76 Goes Nuts Near Cache Site

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Sorry if this has been posted before, but my searching did not turn up much.


Background: My cache team has just returned to searching after a two-year hiatus and my trusty 76CSx is proving to be the least effective of all of our cache seeking tools. I am heartbroken because me and this "big guy" found many caches when lesser GPSr's failed under tree cover, clouds, power lines, etc.


Current Situation: For miles, the 76 seems dead-on until we get to within 50 yards or less of a cache, then the compass needle goes crazy. We've only cached one Spring weekend so far, but the nine we found, were eventually only found because we had a Geomate Jr and GC Navigator near GZ.


I was sure that I needed to do something with the Garmin so I updated software, installed even newer batteries, callibrated several times, turned off and on WAAS and retested, but no luck. Anyone else encountered this with their 60CSx or 76CSx?

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